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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What a STEAL!!

Why I am the total BOMB?
I went to Sears on Sunday (and MONDAY) and bought the following items on clearance!  You really need to look at the prices on these items... it's INSANE!
in brown . . . cost? . . .  $1.99 (Originally $29.99)
Modal Cami Solid
in red . . . cost? . . . $0.89 (Originally $16.00)
Petite Classic Fit  Straight Leg Jean
cost? . . . $1.49 (Originally $29.99)
Tube Dress
in green . . . cost? . . . $2.69 (Originally $39.99)
cream w/ floral print . . . cost? . . . $0.99 (Originally $11.98)
So lets see... if you share the jeans with the two tops I bought 4 outfits (2 dresses, two jean/tops)
The retail value of the clothes was . . . $127.95!!!
How much did I pay?  $8.05!!!
Do you see that?  RIDICULOUS!!!  4 outfits for $8!!  I can't even buy a pair of sweat pants at Wal-Mart for that price!!  CRAZY!!
Speaking of Wal-Mart... they do make my weekend sales list.
On Saturday, I bought the following there:
Riders - Juniors Tab Buckle Capri Jeans
cost? $4.00 (Originally $18.92)
No Boundaries - Juniors Tie-Neck Tank
cost? $4.50 (Originally $5.77)
a pair of sexy red high heels for $7.00 (Originally about $28)
Yeah... I'm a BARGAIN WHORE... you're just jealous!

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Anonymous said...

ummm my birthday is coming up... what did you buy for me???? love the capris and the jeans.. I'm mad we dont' have a sears here...see me pouting??

Sunshine said...

Wow...that's some good bargain shopping!!!