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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't be a hypocrite!

You're okay when the school censors clothing that promotes alocohol, tobacco or drugs.  You're okay when the school censors clothing that implies inappropriate behavior.
You're okay when the school censors how short skirts can be, even if that means the cheerleaders are not allowed to wear their uniforms to school.
You're okay when the school censors chains, trench coats, bandanas, head bands and jewelry.
You even recommend that the school should censor some of the books that are extremely graphic and intense.
However, the minute someone points out that your pep club t-shirts might be taken the wrong way, you are instantly pissed to hell and back!
I'm sorry that it didn't click in your mind.  Clearly, it is an issue you need to take up with your husband.  Thankfully, I am not the only person who totally understands how someone could take your "logo" the wrong way.
Yes we may be sickos.  We may be perverts.  We may need to get our minds out of the gutter.  But that is besides the point.
"GIVE US SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT!"  can be taken wrong on so many levels.
The madder you get, the more I think you are just jealous that some of us have something to scream about!!!
And if my memory serves me right, I do recall a few cheerleaders who had something to scream about on the bus ride home from the game.
You want to censor things, you're gonna have to get over it and choose a new logo.
Sorry if it hurt your feel bads, but I'm just speaking the truth.  You can't have one set of rules for the school and another set for your organizations.
I still vote you leave the shirts the way they are.  But I'm a trouble making bitch like that who loves to see "upity" people all freaked out over stupid bullshit.
Better yet, get T-shirts that say:
That'll piss em off!

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Chris said...


I had to come here to see if you disowned me too. Your Mom took me off the family listing on her blog (sniff). Glad to know you love me and i'm still ellies aunt. *sniff*

Anonymous said...

I did not chris..... I don't know why you think that. You damn fool...I luvs you as always