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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dear Readers

Okay... lets do a quick recap to get back on the right page.


10th - Killer ice storm hits. We lose power for a week. Go stay with the in-laws. As much as we enjoyed their hospitality, it was definately good to get to come back home.

21st - Ballet Recital. Ellie sat through the whole thing without fussing. Fabulous child! Wonderful show! BRAVO to Court for her performance.

23rd - Christmas with the in-laws. Wonderful time. Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

24th - Christmas with Grandparents. No, not those assholes that branch off my family tree. The full-blow Catholic family that doesn't seem to mind Daddy & Me not being married. Funny that they can be so HUMAN and my own biological family cannot pull their heads out of their asses long enough to say "I'M SORRY". It was a wonderful dinner (always is) and no one said anything bad about anyone else in the family (even those that weren't there!). SO THAT'S HOW FAMILY IS SUPPOSED TO ACT! Learn something new all the time.

25th - Christmas in Kansas City. The first Christmas with the other half of the full-blow Catholic family. AMAZING. Not a single person spoke badly of anyone else here either! Everyone was happy to see us and no one seems to mind the "unmarried couple" or our sinful ways. Everyone was pleasant and welcoming. Maybe my family should start some religious cult so they at least have an excuse for why they are such assholes. Because if the Catholics can overlook things that strictly go against their faith (for the sake of family) you would certainly think those back-woods, under-educated, hypocritical hillbillies that branch off my family tree could suck up enough courtesy to be CIVIL!

26th - DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES. My parents came for Christmas. It was fabulous to have them. I love that someone actually got to have a holiday in my own home. We loved having them here. Of course I bought way too many snacks and food but I think that's always the case when you have company. Thanks a bunch to Mom & Dad for everything. Hope you can visit again soon.

The rest of the holidays flew by uneventfully fast.


11th - Happy Birthday To Me. Mrs. B and her brother watched Miss Ellie so Daddy could take me out. We went to dinner at Old Chicago and then off to see a movie. SWEENY TODD. LOVED IT. Had a great time. THANKS A BUNCH!

17th - Daddy watched Miss Ellie so Mrs. B and I could go out for one last girl's night out & Happy Birthday to ME. Had dinner at IHOP (LOVE STUFFED FRENCH TOAST!) and then went to see THE BUCKET LIST. We decided if we're ever both dying that will so be US!! CRIED. Damn movies that make me LEAK! Loved it though. THANKS A BUNCH!

After that, January flew by uneventfully fast.


Don't even know when we got sick. We've all been sick. I'm still walking around coughing like someone who just walked out of the coal mines. Okay. That's extreme, but I'd really like to kick the cough.

V-Day - It was colder than crap. Daddy wanted to take me out to dinner and a movie, but I said I'd just as soon stay home and have dinner and a movie in the warmth of a cozy blanket. It was so! We'll go out when the weather is more presentable. At the rate winter's been going this year, it might warm up sometime in June! The snow might melt by August!

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! THE 4-1-1 on everything you've missed.

Okay, not EVERYTHING. There were some X-rated moments I left out for the sake of you're own well being.

Oh, I forgot to mention that in the midst of this whole messy, sloppy, slushy winter, I've been fighting a ridiculous battle with the housing commitee. IDIOTS!

The whole things started when we came home on my birthday to find tow notices on my vehicles. They've been parked in the same place for 2 years and it suddenly became a NO PARKING AREA. Here's the real kicker though. They put these 5x8 stickers on the windows of several cars stating they would tow them. However, due to a lack of parking ordinance in town, they have no right to tow vehicles. Plus, the idiots don't even know where the property line is, so they aren't even sure if these vehicles were parked on their property or not. Luckily, I'm not vendictive enough to file vandalism charges. Instead, I go to all their meetings and drag them out way longer than they need to because they have to listen to me put my two cents in on all the rules and regulations they're trying to pass. So at the January meeting, they had to table the parking issue. Later they had a special meeting to try and resolve the matter.

Next week there is another meeting that I get to go to. If I had some bright orange clothes, I'd dress as an inmate. Our new rule books state that we cannot swear. We can't own flammable items. Children cannot play on the sidewalks, in the buildings, or in the street (so much for chasing headlights!). I can lose my home if someone I know gets arrested (even if they aren't convicted). I have to have curtains, but I need written permission to put up a curtain rod. I'm responsible for cleaning up after my neighbors pets. All decorations must be approved by management. AND I'm not allowed to do anything, own anything, or think about anything that might offend someone else.

Okay, so I might be taking things a bit to an extreme, but seriously, if you read our new book you would see how ridiculous this stuff is.

I've been tempted to send condoms to all the board members to let them know if they're going to screw me, please use protection!

It's been hectic and I still need to find time to get thank you's out. Yes I know it's late, but better than never.

ANYWAY! You now have a full update. As far as pictures. I still haven't taken them off my camera or phone. When I do, I'll be sure to get them posted for you viewing pleasure. SO LAY OFF!!

Love and happy belated holidays.
Ellie's Mommie


winterskibunny said...

That's why your family isn't being, well, a family to you? Wow, thought that sort of thing just happened a long time ago. I come from a Catholic family, and remember that my second cousin, Susan, was sadly addicted to drugs and became, well let's just say she dabbled in one of the oldest professions for women. My grand aunt never blinked an eye, and loved her daughter and her son every day of their lives.

You are better off without having to cater to people like that!!!

Ellie's Mommie said...

winter - My family doesn't have an excuse as "forgivable" as religion. Matter of fact, they don't mind one bit that my daughter was born out of wed-lock. They don't want to be my family because I asked them not to speak badly about my mother in front of me or my daughter. They can't accept that and therefor they don't get the gift of having us in their lives.

My blog was misleading. I was trying to point out that his family could put their religious beliefs aside to be a REAL family. While my family cannot even bite their tongue and play nice with others.

winterskibunny said...

ellie's mom,

such an unreasonable request!! LOL.

They must not have much to talk about, if they can't avoid doing that.

Anonymous said...

Me iz the billy bad ass that caused all this. um I'm thinking it's because I have a mind and I'm not afraid to use it.

Also, as a very smart young lady once said...They tried to brainwash her into hating her Mother. They forgot that I had her a lot more than they did...so I'm thinking they are soooooo screwed...