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Friday, February 29, 2008


Okay, I've never been a big fan of them. However, I've given them a chance a couple of times. NEVER AGAIN!
This week I went to return some gifts that had been taking up space around my house. Namely, I was returning the $100 high chair that Ellie got for Christmas. Not that there was anything wrong with the high chair, just that Daddy Dearest and I had planned on the cheaper space saving model that just sits on a chair.
So anyway, we gather up the items to take to Target and go to the store. Keep in mind that going to TARGET first involves a 20 mile drive to town (we don't just up and go on a whim) and once in town, TARGET is on the opposite side of everything else I need to do. So even when I happen to be in town, it is not convienent for me to just *pop* over to the store.
So, would you like to know why I will never spend another dime in Target?
I took our items to the counter and explained that I knew the high chair was from here, and I wanted to get a gift card so we could get the high chair we wanted and some other items for our daughter.
I had three items to return (valued at $215 total). I was only allowed to return the $14 baby carrier. I spent the $16 gift card on stuff for the baby, bought 1 jar of formula because I didn't want to have to stop somewhere elseon my way home. The $25 for the formula will be the last time I shop there.
It's really a pity because I was just starting to warm up Target. I like the little dollar rack they have and the last time I was there, they were the only place in town who carried an extra large jar of the formula we use.
Unfortunately, Target does not care about customer service.
Seriously, what is the problem? If they had taken back my items they could have resold them. At least one of them was purchased on sale so they would have made an additional $20 on that item. If they had given me a gift card, I would have gladly spent it in their store. I would also have spent more money in their store. I have a growing child. SHE IS A GIRL!! GIRLS NEED EVERYTHING!! Not to mention the fact that we plan on having more children down the road. DOYOU KNOW HOW MUCH BABIES COST? DIAPERS, FORMULA, BOTTLES, ETC.
I realize that I am just one person. However, considering the way children grow, I would not be surprised if many parents are not happy with this return policy.
They do not allow returns over $20 without a reciept AND they only allow 2 returns per drivers licence per YEAR.
It simply doesn't make sense. I imagine limiting returns is to discourage shoplifting. I also know many stores have similar policies. I simply don't understand why a store would rather I keep an unwanted item AND be unhappy with their store rather than taking the items reselling it AND still getting my money!!
I informed the clerk I didn't care, I knew Wal-Mart sold that high chair and I knew they would be HAPPY to have my business from now on.
It's just STUPID!
Attention TARGET: Don't be STUPID!


Anonymous said...

I copied this and sent it to the CEO or TARGET.. You are welcome..

love Mommie

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