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Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Cost of Birth (2007)

Just thought these figures would floor some people (like my Mom)

This is the cost of our pregnancy. Thankfully, insurance will cover it all so Mommie & Daddy don't have to live in the "poor house".

$ 40.00 - Pregnancy Test
$ 70.00 - Hormone Level Test
$ 170.00 - Ultrasound 1
$ 170.00 - Ultrasound 2
$ 102.00 -Consultation/Family History
$ 130.00 - Prenatal Visit
$ 220.00 - Ultrasound 3
$ 200.00 - Ultrasound 4 (sex/health)
$ 64.00 - Glucose Testing
$ 68.95 - Labwork
$ 50.00 - Prenatal Visit
$ 252.00 - Ultrasound 5
$ 2500.00 - Delivery (Doctor)
$ 62.18 - Post-delivery Medication
$10843.48 - Hospital Bill
GRAND TOTAL: $14,942.61

Not counting Ellie's $2000 hospital bill or the follow-up exams!

Maybe they should print this out and give it to all high school students as a form of BIRTH CONTROL!!


Sunshine said...

Actually, I bet some of them never think about the fact that kids cost MONEY....I sure didn't give a shit about that kind of stuff when I was a teenager!

Chris said...

and that is just for her birth. wait until she gets into high school and you start to add up how much the basics have cost you over 18 years. be prepared to faint...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Wait til she moves out of state. Then see what the cost is. It has nothing to do with money....

cry cry cry cry cry cry

Oh all right, as long as you're happy I'm ok with it...unless some damn fool decides to move you even farther away.. then Karla will be getting a call on her get rich quick thing...