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Monday, July 16, 2007

Pet Peeve of the Day

Having crawled out from under my rock, I decided to spend the day browsing the internet. Just some random browsing. And I stumbled upon my mother's local newspaper and an article published last week. MAN DOES THIS BURN MY ASS!!

Step 1: U.S. Surgeon General publishes a report on the dangers of second-hand smoke.
Step 2: Local law enforcement decides it is their duty to label smoking with a child in the vehicle as CHILD ABUSE!
Step 3: Charge all people caught smoking in a vehicle with a child with a Class 1 misdemeanor ($1,000 fine! That'll make 'em quit smoking!)
Step 4: Decide smoking in your home is child abuse!

Maybe I'm stretching things a bit. Maybe my visions of perfectly happy homes being disrupted by SWAT teams wielding automatic weapons and bullet-proof vests is going overboard. Maybe I just think that the government should mind their own fucking business and let me raise my kid!

What's next? Are they going to arrest me if I buy my kid a Happy Meal. Why not? Isn't just as dangerous to let my kid get fat? Doesn't a diet high in saturated fats clearly endanger my child's well being? What if I let them get a dog? What if it might someday bite? Isn't it dangerous to have my kid in a car at all? What if I let them play in the mud? Or eat a bug!! Or skin thier knee!! What if I don't apply Neosporin to every cut every time? What if I think it's okay for them ride a bicycle? Or climb a tree!! What if I cut my chicken and vegetables on the same cutting board? What if I let them try sushi? What if I'm okay with them playing video games? Or watching R-rated movies? Or listening to Rap!!! What if I let them ride horses? What if I let them swim in lakes? What if I let them go fishing? What if I don't make them tie their shoe laces? What if I forgot to read them Mother Gooses Nursery Rhymes every fucking night?


Yes, I realize that smoking is the parent's choice and the child has no say in it. Therefor the national dictatorship feels it necessary to force us to do what is right. In that case... lets assess all the other "ADULT" choices that affect children.

What if I never marry her father? What if I do? What if I divorce him? What if I refuse to let her see some of her family members? What if I force her to see others? What if I make her go to school? What if I make her do her homework? For that matter, what if I let her skip school one day? What if I don't make her eat her vegetables at every meal? What if I don't force her to see a therapist? What if I let her eat chocolate cake for breakfast? What if I rub whiskey on her gums when she's teething? What if I let her watch too much TV? What if I don't pick her up when she cries? Do we pass a law that makes breast-feeding mandatory because it is better for children's health?

Let me make sure I've got this straight...
...I could be drunk every night, never hold my child, never tell them I love them, force my child to grow up in some fucked up relationship that is unhealthy, feed her crappy food, let her vegitate in front of the TV, never make her take a bath, and allow her to drop out of school... but as long as these activities aren't actually "harming" her it's okay... GOD FORBID I SMOKE A CIGARETTE IN A CAR WITH HER!!

Can we say, "HAIL HITLER!!!"?


Chris said...

Crazy ass shit, but I see it more & more. Slowly, and by fear the government is taking away our civil rights.

Sunshine said...

I'm not a smoker but aside from government owned buildings, I don't think the government has the right to tell people where they can and can't smoke. In privately owned businesses, they should make their own decisions about allowing it or not and certainly in someone's own home, it is within one's rights to do whatever the hell they want.

But, I'm a wacko Libertarian, I don't think the government should tell me to do anything regarding my private life. It's called LIBERTY.

Anonymous said...

All hail to the "SUNSHINE" you go girl!!!!
Sorry Ellie, but if Granny needs a smoke, well Granny needs a smoke...we are pulling off on the first side road. When you are in Jr. high and get caught smoking on a sideroad,, you can say 'GRANNY TAUGHT ME TO"

Anonymous said...

I think you are all reading way too far in to things... the idea of not smoking in a car is a bit overboard for government to be regulating I agree. Especially when their are weirdos in our neighborhoods who are wondering free to do as they please to who they please... however!?!?!? I still think with that being said that you are going too far with the questions you are hypothetically posing as possible situations the government may wish to control.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

If you are sooooo sure you are right,, why do you post it under anonymous..sort of riding the fence aren't we????