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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Someone please explain this too me...

If you read the previous post you know that Mrs. C is with a real asshole. I realize that assholism is usually an inheritted problem. And yet, it never ceases to amaze me when one asshole reveals his backwoods-asshole-roots.

So the other night in the middle of all this hoopla, Grandma C showed up in a hissy fit demanding that she have her Grandchild, blah blah blah. When she's storming around in a fit while one of the women calls the police I try to explain that we're just making sure Neighbor B's butt is covered because Grandparent's don't have custodial rights. At this point Grandma C gets pissy with me asking what custodial rights I have!! ("Lady, I'm not claiming to have rights to your grandkid, I'm just trying to make sure everyone is doing right by that little girl asleep at my neighbors!... grrr... I hate people!)

So yes, they had to give the kid to her, they had to sit back and let this all happen knowing that Mrs. C would be out of jail in 1 hour to come get her kid. There is this huge stink, Grandma C is bitchy, Mr. C is bitchy, all the C's have clearly forgotten to take their assholism mediations. Grandma C threatens other Grandma with legal actions and lawyers, etc.

Now, keep in mind that this all took place at precisely 5:00 AM. About 5 hours later, they must have decided they'd had enough because Grandma C delivered the baby to Mrs. C at about 10:00 AM before she dropped her son off at his apartment at 11! Guess they didn't really want the kid as bad as they thought. Or maybe Mr. C couldn't be bothered with his kid over the weekend (Mrs. C has to take her to day-care while she works, even though Mr. C doesn't have a job!) Or maybe, Grandma C took her son in for a drug test like she promised only to find out that Mrs. C was telling the truth!! That of course is unlikely, but my favorite explanation.

I don't really know anything other than the fact that assholism is clearly genetic and obviously the only reason that the C family wanted the baby last night was to hurt Mrs. C!


P.S. -- "Mr. C, you probably shouldn't be calling all the guys here PUSSIES for not fighting with you. YOU turned your girlfriend in because she SLAPPED you!! I think that makes it VERY CLEAR who the real PUSSY is!!"

P.S.S. -- "Great, now all the psychos are going to be on my site looking to slap some pussy! Sorry to disappoint!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but considering everything that is happening, I believe the offspring of Mr. and Mrs ASSHOLE, have the C family beat, hands down. I do believe we need some chlorine in our damn gene pool cause someone has pissed in the fucking pool...damn it is that a fucking floater over there? Who the hell crapped in the gene pool?