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If you are co-dependant, ask someone to press 2 for you.

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And if you have low self esteem, please hang up. All of our operators are too busy for your shit!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back to School


Multiple choice:
1. Why does my child scream bloody fucking murder?
--a. She has an ear infection
--b. She had her shots on Wednesday
--c. She doesn't know what she wants
--d. She's the spawn of Hades

2. What time have we gone to bed this week?
--a. midnight
--b. 2 am
--c. 4 am
--d. 6 am

3. What time does Ellie wake up?
--a. 8 am
--b. 10 am
--c. Noon
--d. 2 pm

4. What TV shows am I currently addicted to?
--a. General Hospital and House
--b. Big Love and Lil' Bill
--c. America's Got Talent and Cities of the Underworld
--d. all of the above

5. What do I really wish I could do?
--a. run away to Mexico
--b. get my child to sleep in her crib
--c. get drunk with the football team
--d. marry a 99-year-old multi-millionaire the day before he croaks

True or False:

__ 6. I've had time to blog but nothing to blog about.
__ 7. I've seen almost all the movies that are playing in the theater this week.
__ 8. I missed an episode of Big Love and am freaking out because I don't know what is going on with the 3rd wife or what happened after the cops busted the compound!
__ 9. I actually cooked a meal this week and it was... MEATLOAF!
__ 10. Most of my neighbors are complaining about things going on in the housing center.


Please tell me what you think my next blog should be about and why.

you can all thank Ellie's crazy Grandma for complaining... she earned the whole class homework!


Anonymous said...

I think it should be about the crazy gremlins, but then I got a sneak preview and I'm still laughing, plus it's in draft so their is NO reason for you not to blog it...love mom mie

Anonymous said...

1. all of the above
2. d.
8. true
9. true but did you eat it???or feed it to the stray dogs???

10. true

and just who is working in that household. who needs 85 hours of family time??? I need a better excuse than that for you not blogging. He has to leave the house sometime. and don't be blaming me for the homework. Chris was bitching too, she's just scared of you so she didn't let you know... ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Chris said...

I want the gremlin story dammit!
*hids behind the toilet*