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Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away, there was a really evil granddaughter who had a sweet baby girl. That granddaughter was so evil that everyone in the village was horrified that she had come from such an upstanding and fine family. This granddaughter was completely unreasonable and clearly did things just to hurt the feelings of her family.

For example, she demanded under no uncertain terms that her grandparents would not speak badly about her mother in the presence of her daughter. She refused to negotiate this matter or accept any lame excuses for why it might be okay to say bad things about her mother under certain circumstances.

When her grandparents found out about her unreasonable request, they tried to take it out on her mother by returning all of the gifts they had been given over the years. In a fit of rage, the girl's mother tried to explain to them that they were making matters worse. The grandfather, certain that he must teach his unruley granddaughter a serious lesson, chose to never see her again unless she changed her unreasonable ways.

Unfortunately, his granddaughter was too stubborn to learn her lesson, and chose instead to live a life of exile. She presented them with more unreasonable requests. She demanded that they appologize to her mother for causing her undo stress over the matter. Certain, that this ungrateful granddaughter needed to be put in her place, the grandparents refused to say they were sorry.

The granddaughter continued to live her life in quiet exile from her family. The grandparents tried very hard to remind her of her serious mistake by not inviting her and her family to gatherings. They would send out invitations that were addressed incorrectly, or mailed the day of the event. The granddaughter was so stubborn that she refused to aknowledge this friendly reminders of all the fun she was missing out on.

The grandparents were so well loved that they knew they had nothing to worry about because certainly the entire community and their whole family would rally behind them. Everyone would know what a horrible granddaughter she was. They were certain if only they could talk to those people she did know, they too would see what an evil woman she was.

Unfortunately, the evil little granddaughter knew many, many tricks. She sent out Christmas cards to all of her other family members to prove to them that she did not hold anything against them. She made sure that all of her family knew that she would not force them to pick sides. If they could stay out of the argument, they were more than welcome to visit her, even though she had been exiled from the family.

The grandparents were certain that this evil granddaughter had sided with the Devil and was practicing the "black arts". There was simply no other explanation for how she managed to stay in good graces with so many people. She was clearly an evil and horrible person for not wanting to be a part of their happy little family.

The family continued to live in exile and was not bothered by the missing pieces of her heritage. She was far too busy raising her perfect little girl to be bothered by the problems that other people insisted on creating.

One day, the granddaughter was told of some horrible news. A dear family member was very ill and a grand party was being held in her honor. The party was not being held in the lands she had been exiled from, and so the granddaughter decided to go and visit these dear relatives. She was very worried that there would be people there who did not like her. She did not want for there to be an argument at her relative's party. However, she refused to allow these people to control her life.

So, the granddaughter, her baby girl, and SOMEBODY will be at the big party. They will be happy and smile and let all of the people who she loves be a part of her life. However, those grandparents who still believe that she is so evil will be in for a real shock. The unreasonable, stubborn granddaughter will still keep them away from her baby girl.

She will however, auction an 8x10 picture of the baby on Ebay if they really want to see her that bad.

1 comment:

winterskibunny said...

Very creative. Ebay the baby pictures LOL.

Good luck. I did my grand party last year, and the only thing different from when I talked to my father was the fifteen minutes he would pretend to talk to me, while he was really ignoring me.

So in other words, it wasn't that bad, and I had a good time. They didn't look like they did. Too bad, so sad.