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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Moral Dilema

First, I'm not even sure of how to spell dilema so how can I possibly be having one?


Here's the deal.

Today while shopping, I found something. I found a cell phone. What's the problem? Well, I'm not sure I want to track down it's owner and return it.

On one hand, there's the morally good side of me who thinks, "This poor girl has lost her phone and if she's anything like me, she's lost without it. Cell phones are expensive and she'll have to replace it if I don't return it. I would want someone to try and return my phone to me if I lost it."

On the other hand, there's the selfish evil side of me who thinks, "She's a college student from Kansas City. Her parents are probably loaded. Her text messages indicate she's a total pot head. She's thinking about studing abroad (according to her contacts). And she's has some really gross pictures on her phone. Not to mention that she's probably a bitch and won't give a flying fuck if I have to go out of my way to return her phone. Plus, two days after I give her phone back, I'll probably lose my phone because that would be the perfect joke for the evil miniture pixies that control my life."

So, do I go out of my way to try and call up perfect strangers on her phone to see if there is some way that I can track her down and arrange to give her the phone back. Or do I just stuff the phone in the back of my closet for a rainy day? After all, it does have a mp3 player and a nice camera. I could use it! Hmmmmm.... that's a tough one!

Let me know what you think.

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