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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Attention McDonald's Employee

This is just to let you know I think you are fucking stupid (explains your employment status).

Any grade school drop out should be able to place a rectancle of fish on a circle bun and place a smaller rectangle of cheese on that.

Explain why my fish was half off the bun and half of my cheese was melted to the box?

Obviously, McDonald's needs to require that their employees complete Second Grade!



Autumn's Mom said...

You are a brave woman having McDonalds the day before you give birth! Sending good thoughts for tomorrow's big day :)

Chris said...

I always wonder the same thing. WTF is so hard about proper placement of cheese?

captain corky said...

Obviously you guys have never worked at McDonalds. Placing a square piece of cheese on circular burger is a lot harder than you'd think...

I'm very excited for you about tomorrow!

Sunshine said...

If I go thru the drive thru at McD's in my town, they get the order correct about 10% of the time...I can pretty much count on that.