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Saturday, May 19, 2007

One More Reason to Love Daddy Dearest!

Daddy went to get the mail yesterday.
He returns holding an opened bright pink envelope.

Daddy Dearest: "Are you in a good mood?"
Me: "Why?"
*hands me the card*
Me: "Aww shit!" *grumbles*

Envelope contains a baby shaped card stating:

"I know
your new baby girl
is going to do
some great things.
Heck, she's already
done one-
picked you two
as parents!

Scraggly left-handed writing reads:
Love ya much
Grandma & Grandpa (over)"

On the back:
"A package will follow after we go shopping. Will have the dresses I told you about & some other things I hope you can use. Would love to hear from you when you're ready.

Daddy Dearest's response...
"Should we drive by their house and drop it off on their front porch?"

God I love this man!!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing more to say other than.....

I love this guy..

Chris said...

Better yet, drop it off with a nice dirty diaper.