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Monday, May 7, 2007

Eviction Notice!

We are happy to announce that the doctor has decided to put me out of my misery (euthenasia?)

I had yet another joyous Monday exam today. Nothing. Nada. Just a big baby who is more than comfortable in her current residence. Doc decided to schedule yet another sonogram to check our fluids. However, as I went out to schedule the sono, doc had changed her plans (obviously, my attorney finally got my paperwork filed)

There will be NO SONOGRAM. Instead, we will be going to the Hospital Tuesday at midnight to begin our induction!

So there we have it!

Baby Ellie will be making her debute on May 9th, 2007 regardless of whether she wants to or not.

This of course creates a new dilema.

My parents (and Wonder Dog) will be leaving Nebraska on Wednesday morning to make the journey to Kansas. I am currently uncertain of how many Federal laws we are violating by having the two of us in the same state. Last I knew, I was allowed to visit her in Nebraska any time I wanted (as long as I inform the proper authorities) because we have been grandfathered into the statutes do to my birth. However, I am pretty certain that our exempt status does not transfer to other states. I fear that Grandpa Cletus may have to sign some sort of waiver accepting full responsibility for any actions that occur from allowing the two of us to be together in Kansas at the same time. While having my Dad supervise us may ease the minds of Kansas authorities, civilians should be aware that my Dad has NEVER been able to control either of us. He simply shakes his head and pretends he doesn't know us. The town doesn't stand a chance! I suggest anyone in the path of our insanity stock up on alcohol and lock their doors! If you feel that we pose a serious threat, just buy a few Mike's Lemonades to keep the Bulldog at bay.

So, you will have to sulk in your own boring misery for a few days while I recover from all the joys of labor and delivery. I will definately post pics (and the crazy antics that happen in Kansas) as soon as I am home recovering (and Mom is released from the loony bin).

Wish us lots of luck and start raising bail money!


Anonymous said...

Your Dad has contacted the proper Kansas authorities and signed all needed paper work.

He has cashed in the cd's for bond money.

The Explorer is loaded and ready to roll.

We have routed the proper escape route for the certain high speed chase.

Bulldog has been properly sedated.


love mom mie

Sunshine said...

YIPPEE! Glad you're getting the little critter out finally, what a good feeling, I've been there too when they said "he's done cooking, let's open the oven!"

Chris said...

I hope that by now sweet Ellie has made her perfect debut and both Mom and baby are well.

I can't wait to hear all about it.
*hugs and love*

PS. E-mail me the address of the looney bin where the old woman is. I'll send a cake with a hard lemonade and a file to aid in her escape.