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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can't Get Enough of the Pictures?

Okay, finally found a use for that other blog site of mine.
From now on, I'll post all the new baby pics
(okay, so not all of them because, well, I'm a camera addict!)
on the other site.
There's absolutely no words
(except titles)
It's just silence and pictures!
Hope you enjoy!!


Chris said...

YEAH! I'm going over now. BTW, love the new look around here. Pretty snazzy. *hugs and love*

Anonymous said...

I'm so hooked on pics....I love the expression on I almost pooped on Daddy...wonder what it would of been if she HAD POOPED ON DADDY..

Grandma is a telephone lol

Chris said...

ok Miss Milking machine...I know you have shooting poop, projectile urine and a babe hanging off your tit that you're dealing with, but we need our fix. Come back!!!! We miss you.