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Thursday, May 17, 2007

This Is Just Heartbreaking!

Yes! I'm guilty! I've laughed at the expense of others. I've made the comment that if I knew there was a hurricane coming, I'd have started walking to higher ground. I've wondered why it was so shocking that a city BELOW sea level got flooded. I've made comments about people who build their homes on fault lines, people who build their houses on the sides of cliffs, and people who build their houses where brush fires happen every year.

I clearly remember the children's song stating "the wise man built his house upon a rock!" It seems like a simple case of common sense because "the house on the sand washed away!" Well DUH!!! The thing is that no matter where you live in the world, you're going to have to "choose your poison" when it comes to natural disasters.

So, yes! I've laughed at the comedian who joked about tornadoes hitting trailer parks. I've giggled at the "rednecks" that seem to appear on television following a tornado. I have joked about how my dippy father is going to end up in Kansas one day because he refuses to go to the basement when the storms get bad.

But all the joking aside. There is absolutely nothing funny about THIS! The devestation at Greensburg, Kansas is unimaginable. 95% of the town of 1500 was wiped out! I'd seen the pictures on the news, but nothing hits you like the aerial photos. Total devestation in a matter of minutes!


Anonymous said...

I just love our little sweet justice...now if she will just rip the ruffle off her new pink dress,,she is you... ha ha ha....

I can remember when you puked if the dog crapped in the yard,,,now you are a shit, piss and milk covered Mother.... ha ha ha ha


Chris said...

It is heartbreaking, and I just cannot believe the aerial pictures. just...whoa.