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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Break From the Pictures!

Are you all tired of the pictures? Sick of seeing all this cutesy wootsey baby stuff?

Good! ME TOO! So I got online today & decided to check out what my lovely daughter had been up to. Here's what I found when I searched "Ellie goes":

  • Ellie goes potty- why yes she does! Very often she goes potty on her Daddy while he's trying to change her diaper.
  • Ellie goes to visit her, but she's been transferred to a psychiatric institution - I wish they'd let me know when Grandma Bulldog gets herself locked up. That's a long way to travel only to find out Granny's gone whacko again.
  • Ellie goes over and peers around the corner in time to see Scary Clown - Yes, Mommie already has instilled the fear of clowns in Baby Ellie. We can't have Daddy convincing her that a clown costume would be fun for Halloween!
  • Ellie goes downstairs to eat chocolate breakfast - Is there something wrong with chocolate for breakfast? I think Grandpa's chocolate frosted cake makes a good breakfast!
  • Ellie goes to his jacket and yanks out his stash - No, that's Mommie's stash!
  • Ellie goes to the moon AND Ellie goes on a travel to the stars - Yes honey, you can be an astronaut when you grow up (if you don't mind your Mother chaining you in the basement the first time you mention space-travel!)
  • Ellie goes for the cereal and then charges the camera - Yes, I too keep my camera near my cereal for those impromptu time when my breakfast involves a "Kodak moment"!
  • Ellie goes "a little mental" - Well, that's likely to happen. Look at her parents.
  • Ellie goes to therapy - We're already raising funds for her therapist bills.
  • Ellie goes on a shotgun wielding vendetta - I knew she'd make me proud someday!
  • Ellie goes off to get mad at someone else - Much to the relief of her parents.
  • Ellie goes on her joyride - Was it in a golf-cart?
  • Ellie goes ballistic - If Daddy changes the diaper when she wanted a boob!!
  • Ellie goes through the wormhole and sees the universe around her - Yeah, we'll definately have to have a talk about her ACID problem! That was just too "Alice In Wonderland" for me.
  • Ellie goes to an escourt agency - Could be worse. She could marry the guy!
  • Ellie goes bush bashing in her bare feet - Watch out for those thorny bushes!!
  • Ellie goes into the machine; the door seals her inside - We're designing the plans now, but the general purpose will be to isolate her from BOYS until she's 30-ish!!
  • Ellie goes off after the aliens, and then she plays Marco Polo - Do aliens know how to play Marco Polo? Sounds like a lot of fun!!
  • Ellie goes to a rendezvous in a burnt out reasearch facility - Sorry baby, you weren't a test tube baby. We really are your parents!
  • Ellie goes mad at our reflection in the kitchen window at night - It's the vampire blood in her. Everyone knows that my family fears sunlight and lives in dusty tombs. She was bound to inherit some ill effect from us.
  • Ellie goes crazy
  • Ellie goes under the house and eats the rest - This is most disturbing to me. All I can think of is some B-rated Zombi flick! rrrraaaaawwwwwrrrrrr!!! But maybe she just likes to nibble on her PB&J under the house.
  • Ellie goes to the back door and jumps in circles - Then her head spins around and she spits pea-soup on Daddy before he can put the diaper on her butt!
  • Ellie goes into shock and remains in a semi-catatonic state for several days - Must have stumbled onto Grandma Bulldog's blog site!
  • Ellie goes crazy - It was bound to happen. We're not shocked! Insanity has never been a crime in this family!!

And that was my cheap entertainment for the day!! Hope you enjoyed!!


On another note:

If I am ever sentenced to jail for anything, I'm going to insist on special needs housing (reserved for politicians, celebrities, etc) because I consider myself a blog celebrity (and I clearly have "special" needs). I am also going to demand that I get some of my days knocked off for good behavior (you know, like showing up for court!)

Also, many thanks to the parents of the poker player on TV right now. His last name is WEINER and I simply could not contain my laughter if you had blessed him with the first name of Harry, Shorty or Curly!!


Anonymous said...

You do have a blog blocker or something right. Let's hope she never finds Granny's blog site...It would be a little hard to explain...

Maybe by the time she can read and get on the net I will have grown up...or blog spot has gone out of business or something...who knows...

Crazy is good...Clowns are very bad...

Nothing wrong with a little shotgun wielding vendetta now and then if you're mental... and I'll let you know if I get trasnferred OUT OF THE PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTION...

Right now i'm sorta enjoying the crazies, but then Chris and Big Bertha haven't been to see me...so who knows..

Chris said...

Never fear, I am here OW! Or maybe you should fear. and dammit, why didn't anyone offer ME special needs housing? heh

Dontcha just love google and the things it finds. Provied hours of entertainment, and you provide the hysterical laughter.
but..word.. SKIP THE NEWS...

I agree with her, *pointing to your Mom*
crazy is good.... Clowns aare bad..very very bad...no clowns..clowns bad...

*wanders off bleary eyed*

BTW..I'll never bore or tire of seeing that gorgeous baby.