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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Funniest People in March!

The month of March has finally passed us by leaving us with many good laughs, some whacky weather, and an ever enlarging baby belly!
The votes have been tallied (those would be my votes, you have no say in it!) and the results are in. It's time to announce this months funniest bloggers.
Please keep in mind that in this competition QUANTITY COUNTS! It's tragically biased to those who post most frequently because well, the more you post, the more chances you have to make me laugh!

For that reason, we're going to start out with my Honorable Mention for the month of March!
Karlababble - While Karla continues to make me laugh harder with every post, her busy life keeps her from posting daily like some of my other laugh-bringers. Taking her busy life into consideration, I do believe her side-splitting sense of humor needs to be recognized.
Yes, I know, the awards are cheesy looking! Gimme a break! See the header? I wasted all my artistic abilities creating that yesterday. My artsy-fartsy brain cells need a breather!
Next up . . .
We have an unbelievable tie for
Looky Daddy - Throughout the many "joys" of pregnancy, The Dad never ceases to make me thankful that there is just ONE little girl in here!
Rockstar Mommy - Despite going through a pretty rough week this month (we're all entitled to them!) she still managed to keep the laughs coming.
Suburban Turmoil - Not only did Lindsey keep me laughing, she managed to do so while giving birth to a 10 pound baby & suffering through breastfeeding!!

This medal has no reason to be so sad. All three of these sites are excellent!
(missing out by a single laugh-vote) we have the ever faboulous . . .
Pickled Beef!! - I think it's the random conversations that really get me! Tink is a riot and I hope that case of Dogitis clears up real soon!
What can I say? You missed out by ONE laugh! Okay, so it's probably my fault because I hormonally challenged these days. You were probably absolutely hilarious one day and I just didn't have a sense of humor! Congrats anyway!!
And finally . . .
In the fabulous FIRST PLACE position we have . . .
Dad Gone Mad!!! - You know what did it for him? The sound of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir spontaneously combusting! I couldn't help it! It was too much for me to handle, and the reason I can laugh at that is because I still have 4 years before I have to throw THAT birthday party!
Congratulations! No tears now! I know this award must mean so much to you! Try to hold yourself together though!
I know you are all just pretty overwhelmed by these fabulous awards, but try not to get too excited and pee your pants! Seriously, if I had a decent photo program around here, I'd do much better, but these days my digital artistic abilities are limited to the confines of a paint program & a less than ideal photo editor. Why? Because when my hard-drive crashed 6 months ago, I lost my copy of Ulead Photo. Since I am totally lost without it (and my mother can't figure out where it came from) my digital projects have all been put on hold!
Anyway, KUDOS to all of you & keep the laughs coming for me!! Life is way too short to take it seriously!


tfg said...

How could you forget Herpes Positive and Proud? That's always been one of my favorites.

karla said...

tfg just wishes he could be with someone long enough to GET herpes.

I had to check out Looky Daddy at your suggestion, and I must say, that's some fine poop humor, there. Thanks for the tip! Oh, and the honorable mention!

Luther said...

I am honored to be tied for third with such good company. And what a goovy font you chose for my name. I feel like dancing!

Dad Gone Mad said...

I'm beside myself with pride. And I think I just shit my clothes. I'll treasure this award always. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good response to this blog. Way to go. When you are famous like karla and Dad Gone Mad, I can say I knew you when you still pooped your diapers. Love your Mom Mie

Tink said...

Awww. Thank you! Should I give an acceptance speech? I'd like to thank Hoop, the Hoop from my dream not the one in real life (although he's pretty swell too), for having the horrible condition known as Dogitis. I hope he didn't turn hot pink. The world will never know.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Ms. Babble gets honorable mention...and I didn't even make the list?? WTF??!!