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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Message to My Mother's Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

I have to tell you that your sheep have been very baa-a-a-ad!
Once again they have broke through the fence and are eating my ha-a-a-y baa-a-a-ails!
This is begi-i-i-nning to irritate me!
It's very important that your sheep start beha-a-a-ving be-e-e-etter!
I used my baa-a-a-at to herd your sheep into my baa-a-a-arn!
I am in the processes of bui-i-i-ilding a sign advertising lambchops for sale!
If I haven't heard baa-a-a-ack from you by the time I finish, I will start bee-e-e-eating in little sheep bra-a-a-ains one by one!
I've always tried to be-e-e a good neighbor, but I'm getting fed up!
I'm no longer going to be-e-e-eg you to keep your sheep at home!
From now on I will simply bre-e-e-eak out the shotgun and open fire!
Get your bi-i-i-ig butt over here and get your sheep before I make them blee-ee-ee-eed!

The Bi-i-i-itch Next Door

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Baaa egining to worry abaaaaa out you baaaaa by. This was cute. I was tempted to email a link to them but well, I don't want them to enjoy anything and your site would crack them up. They are the reason I could not leave a death threat for Karla. She can blame them. I'm saving my best death threats for a later date. love

mom mie