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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Slacking off again!

Okay... so I'm frigging LAZY!!


Because I have a friggin parasitic demon child sucking out every last shred of SANITY & AMBITION!!

  • I don't even have the energy to go leave a Death Threat for Karla (let me tell you, it greatly disturbs me that I've slacked off to this extent, because normally I would jump at an open invitation like this!)
  • I certainly haven't had the energy to build something as spectacular as the Great Wall of Judy! (I might be able to point and say, "you should put that over there!")
  • I would have fallen dead on my feet if I was running Mole's Deli Relay (can you say, "Desk job is kicking my butt these days"?)
Are there any other things I've slacked off on this week?

  • I haven't checked my fellow bloggers!
  • I haven't added a certain blogger to my list (though subconsciously this could be on purpose!)
  • I haven't done laundry.
  • I haven't cleaned house.
  • AND
  • I've rarely taken the time to put on CLOTHES! (be jealous... or SCARED!)
So what have I found the time to do?
  • I took a fabulous nap on Monday.
  • I purchased some cheap Easter gifts for my neighbor's kids.
  • I watched HOUSE.
  • I rented three movies to keep me entertained for the week.
  • I watched Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" with Daddy Dearest.
  • I came to terms with the fact that I spent $2.99 renting a movie I had already seen but forgot!
  • I took another nap tonight.
  • I talked to my Mom & Mole.
  • I walked across my livingroom a couple of times!
  • And I manage to drag my fat-happy ass to work every morning on time!

SO... If you're disappointed in my total lack of ambition...

I don't give a sheep's TURD whether "I complete you" or not. I'M TIRED!!!

But I will say this...


That's right! I said it! You get me through my day!


Keep making me laugh! (It wears me out so I can catch some healthy shut-eye!)


Anonymous said...

As long as they make Mike's hard lemonade and the neighbors keep farm animals and Mole's stalker hangs in there I will do my part. love Mom Mie

karla said...

I'll complete you, all right. I'll bring 6 of my son's annoying musical Elmo toys over to your house in the middle of naptpime and turn them all on at once. Then you'll be complete. Plus, I'll probably get that death threat I've been asking for.