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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cops are Stupid!!

Let's set up the scenerio:

A 350 pound man and his 120 pound girlfriend get into a verbal dispute in the front lawn. Aside from words, the only thing that made this incident any different that a normal lover's spat was the fact that the girl threw a glass of water at her boyfriend. A neighbor called the local police to report the disturbance.

So what do you think happened?

I'm thinking the biggest thing here might be a disturbing the peace charge. Apparently, our local police had a different perspective.

Here's what happened:

The cops arrived and separated the couple who had since made up and were hugging. Both are asked if the girl had hit the man. Both tell the police that she did not hit the man. A rookie cop informs them that they have reason to believe that she DID hit him. The young woman is handcuffed, despite the protests of her boyfriend. Scared and confused, the girl is near hysterics. Her boyfriend has to beg the officer to loosen the cuffs on his girlfriend. He is not allowed near her to help calm her down. The girl is hauled off to the police station where she is booked and put in a holding cell on the charge of "battery". A no-contact restraining order is filed on the boyfriend's behalf which prevents him from being able to talk to her or even get her out of jail. He quickly gets ahold of the girl's father who comes to the station and bails her out. This whole process takes several hours. During this time, the girl is locked in a holding cell scared and slightly "spazzing". Her behavior causes the officers to ask her whether or not she is on drugs. She explains to them that she does not do drugs, she simply has ADD. The officers inform her that she just needs to keep that to herself and that they do not want it. Her father is finally able to get her out of jail and take her home. The no-contact restraining order bans the young couple from having any contact with each other for a period of 72 hours. When it's all said and done, the couple has to appear in court (and pay court costs) just so the boyfriend can inform the judge that "No, he does not want to press charges!"

Seriously, I realize that this system was set up to protect women (and men) who ARE being abused by their partners, but are afraid to defend themselves. However, this seems a bit ridiculous! It was all the boyfriend could do to keep from defending his girlfriend physically and ending up in jail himself. While all of this was taking place, some man or woman really was being abused by their partner and no one was doing anything about it!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well I guess I kinda wondered what caused ADD. That was a suprise to me to find out you could catch it from someone who has it. I've hung around with Matt and Brian a lot of years. Wonder if I have it?
Maybe we should all be tested...love mom mie