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If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and the small voice will tell you which number to press.

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If you have short term memory loss, please try your call again later.

And if you have low self esteem, please hang up. All of our operators are too busy for your shit!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Confession!!

Yes, this pregnant hippo has a serious confession! I have a horrible problem that seriously effects my ability to function normally. It's hard to admit that you have a problem like this, so I'm going out on a limb here by trusting you. It's a horrible addiction that mayseriously affect the way some people look at me, and I'm a little bit afraid that I may have to seek psychiatric assistance if I ever get brave enough to overcome this disorder. At this point, I'm honestly not sure that I'm ready to seek serious treatment for this problem, but I am finally ready to step up and admit that I do have a problem. Here I go.

I am terrible addicted to HOUSE!!!

Yes, that's right. The sarcasm of Hugh Laurie is my heroine. I simply cannot function without my weekly "fix" of snide remarks and medical mysteries. I know that I am not alone in this affliction. There are others out there just like me who have been suffering in silence. One major side effect has included homocidal thoughts towards the makers of American Idol since it has denied me my necessary dose of HOUSE for the past two weeks. Other side effects include staring in anticipation at my on-screen TV guide, counting down the minutes until I get my next fix, writing ranting blogs about the absense of HOUSE, and driving relatives insane complaining about my HOUSE withdrawl.

For the past two weeks I've been going through some serious withdrawl symptoms. I must admit that it is very difficult to detox from this horrific addiction. There were times when I seriously considered having myself committed to a little padded room, but the though of getting my next "fix" tonight has kept me going. I fear that there may be no cure for this addiction and I am emotionally traumatized by the thought of going through extended periods without HOUSE. I have terrorizing nightmares about what would happen if HOUSE were ever canceled. *shivers* Just typing that statement has caused me to go into an instant panick attack and I nearly had to dial 9-1-1 to prevent me from breaking out into a full blown fit of hyperventilation!

Thankfully, HOUSE is coming on in precisely 25 minutes, 15 seconds and I think I may be able to hold off that much longer. It's hard though. I'm continually breaking out into hot and cold flashes and foaming at the mouth. I know that I will be able to think of nothing else until I get my "fix". Just the thought of having my sarcasm quota fulfilled makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unfortunately, I know that as soon as the episode is over with, I'll be staring at the television in horror and wishing that tomorrow was also Tuesday!


Crazy Ace said...

The reason you like House so much is that you wish that your doctor would be as up front with you like that. You wouldn't have to wonder what he was really saying when he uses words that you have never heard before. Also it maybe that if you were a doctor that this is the way you would talk to people. We talk like he does all the time but House just sounds so much smarter then us and our little words.
I must say that I never miss this show either so I have had time to think about those two things I spoke of. Hope it helps!

Randomness said...

I also am an addict of House. It is sad, but true. I have tried to restrain from watching this show, but it just isn't possible. So I have just faced the fact that I am an addict...to House, CSI, Grey's
Anatomy, Cold Case, Without a Trace, really, any show that has to do with people dying or near death. If the show can tell me Who, What, When, Where, Why and How this death or near death happened...I am hooked, addicted, and the withdrawls are painsteaking.