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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good Morning!!

1:00 am - Finally decide to drag my butt to bed
1:05 am - Crawl into bed
1:07 am - Remember I forgot my vitamins; Take them
1:09 am - Daddy Dearest kisses me goodnight & shuts out the light
1:11 am - Remember something I forgot to ask Daddy Dearest
1:13 am - Question answered; Curl up in semi-comfortable position
1:15 am - Random storyline (which makes no sense) begins playing in my brain while I'm still wide awake.
c. 2:00 am - Finally drift from my awake dream to my asleep dream.
c. ?:00 am - Dream about eating too many hard-boiled eggs actually makes me sick to my stomach. Wake up. Realize that I was only dreaming that I was sick to my stomach. Thankful that I was actually asleep (yes, I fully believed I was still awake chowing down on hard-boiled eggs) I fall back onto the pillows and drift into a blissful sleep.


6:06 am - Daddy Dearest softly wakes me; Startled awake thinking that my alarm didn't go off; Find out its just someone trying to call my phone.
6:07 am - Ask DD to look outside while I check the voicemail; Sure enough, it's snowing; Message is telling me there's no school.
6:08 am - Call co-worker back & thank her for the message.
6:10 am - Curl back into my not-as-warm-as-I-remember blankets and drift back into happy dream world.
9:00 am - Wake up to meet a windy, white day with all the pep of a sludgy diesel engine
9:30 am - Finally warmed up and awake, come to the realization that I have ALL DAY to do absolutely NOTHING and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

1 comment:

Randomness said...

This sounds like my morning. However, I don't have a timeline, but I can give you the high points.
1. Dream about a horrible case of the flu outbreaking in my school.
2. Wake up to my boss texting me that "I got the snow I wanted"
3. Go back to sleep.
4. Wake up to my boss texting me that "I have no school" YIPPY.
5. Realize that the dream may have been real b/c I didn't feel well all morning.
6. Go back to sleep til 1130.
7. Wake up, watch judge alex etc.
8. Decide to venture out to wal-mart and mr.goodcents now that I am hungry again.