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Friday, March 2, 2007

Game #4: At the Box Office

How many movies titles can you think of that contain family related words (mother, father, baby, child, etc.)?


Anonymous said...

children of the corn
mommie dearest
step mom
mr. mom
for the love of a child

baby needs to kick mommy so daddy will make her stop this.

Randomness said...

meet the parents
baby geniuses
baby-sitters club
super mario brothers
daddy daycare
son of the mask
the parent trap
sisterhood of the traveling pants
cry baby

Crazy Ace said...

Mommy Dearest
Mr. Mom
Father Knows best
Throw mama from the Train
Stop!Or my Mom will Shot
American Dad
baby geniuses
Cry Baby
Childern Of the Corn
Father Of the Bride
Band Of brothers
Flags Of our Fathers
The Adventures of Babysitting
Honey I shunk the kids
Honey I blow up the kid
Big Daddy