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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daddy's Lucky Charm

Last night was hilarious!

Daddy Dearest gets a phone call asking him if he'd like to play poker. Since it's Spring Break and I'm totally bored out of my mind, he asked me if I wanted to go with. I agreed and got dressed.

Now, while the guys he plays poker with are mutual friends that we both used to work with, I haven't gone with him in over 7 months. Needless to say, pregnancy and a full-time job make for a very exhausted (and anti-social) Mommy.

So, we get ready and get in the car to go.

At this point, Daddy Dearest informs me that he isn't sure if the guys know I'm pregnant. I burst into hysterical laughter. "You mean you see these guys about once a month & it's never crossed your mind to tell them you're having a baby?"

He's laughing now too. "Well, it just never really came up."

About five minutes later I start laughing again. "I'm picturing the phone call. 'Hey man, wanna come play poker?' 'Sorry, I can't tonight, I'm in labor and delivery!' That'd baffle them!"

So anyway, we get to W's house and Daddy proudly announces that he brought his girls with him as he pats my belly! Everyone says how good it is too see me and how long it's been, but they don't comment on the obviously enlarged belly.

About thirty minutes into the poker game, W stops and looks at Daddy. "Okay man! I've gotta ask. Did you tell us you were having a baby?" Through our laughter Daddy says he didn't think that he had. Now that the ice has been broke, the door is open for a string of hilarity over the subject.

  • Well that's a relief! I was pretty certain that wasn't just weight gain but I didn't really want to come out and say "Hey girl! Did you know you're pregnant?"
  • (after following me down the staircase) "So, do you have to balance different when you have a baby?"
  • (while rocking the step that I'm sitting on in the back yard) "If I rock this hard enough will it induce labor?"
  • (handing me a second taste of his fabulous cheeseball) "Since I gave Daddy a beer for the baby, here's some more cheeseball for you!"
  • We never see you anymore! You don't come out drinking with us any more! Geeze!

Amazingly, with 10 people in the house who hadn't seen me in months there we NO comments about my weight, size or looks. I had a blast just listening to the conversations and watching the poker game.

Daddy Dearest won by a landslide. He knocked two people out in one hand with pocket aces. There were several times that he pulled it out on the river and many hands that he would have won with "crappy" cards if he'd have stayed in the round. He decided that his little girl is his "lucky charm".

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that they just play for popcorn and cheese puffs, cause playing for money is illegal. I'd hate to have to call Daddy dearest in jail to tell him his daughter has arrived. Love MOM MIE