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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Here's Why I'm Mad

There's only two reasons that you might have ended up on this site reading the words I have typed. Either you are a random net surfer who stumbled on her in the hopes that I could provide you with cheap entertainment. In which case, I must appologize because I've moved everything entertaining about my life to another site. OR you are one of my family members who has stopped by to randomly snoop on the comings and goings of my family in the hopes that you might collect some information that will help you to better kiss a certain individual's hind-parts.

In which case, you have come to the right place. In light of the most recent family drama, I've devoted this site solely to venting my frustrations on the parts of my family which make me wish I was adopted! So, here you will find all of my frustrations poured out onto an empty screen and you can print it off and pass it around for all I care.

I've concluded that while my recent posts have been fun and entertaining for me, they are far too cryptic for my family members to comprehend. Therefore, from now on I will just come right out and say whatever is on my mind.

I am a firm believer that family matters should be handled within the family. However, since my family seems utterly incapable of any form of legitimate human communication, this is very hard to do. There are those in my family who thoroughly need their butts chewed up one side and down the other, however, these individuals are always heavily guarded with an entorage of deciples who will go to bat for them in total ignorance of the facts. There are others in my family who cannot seem to step out of the 1990's and insist on dragging every piece of dirt possible into any arguement about the present.

These days I'm really not in the mood to argue with anyone about the past, present or future. The thought of having to explain myself over a telephone simply upsets me to no end and if I were able to make a face to face confrontation over these issues, it is highly possible that it may end in blows. I believe that a fist fight should always be fair, and currently I could not guarantee that. While I would have no quams about smashing a dining room chair over the heads of a few people in my family, my current state of knocked-upness may prevent them from adequately defending themselves. I cannot bear to have that on my conscience at this point. Therefore, I intend to vent via my blog. If you have stumbled upon this on purpose, please feel free to forward it to whomever you feel it is addressed to.

So here are the facts about why I'm currently in a state of non-communication with the majority of my family members:

Things that family shouldn't do...

  1. Family should not keep vital information (i.e. the health and wellfare of a fellow family member) from "specific" family members whom they do not feel are "worthy" of the information.
  2. Family should not take advantage of the generosity bestowed upon them by other family members.
  3. Family should not use lies or deception to manipulate other family members.
  4. Family should not "pick and choose" who they think is important enough to "check up on".
  5. Family should not speak poorly of other family members around people who's feelings might be hurt by what they have to say.
  6. Family should not hold the "mistakes" of family members over their heads for years to come.
  7. Family should not automatically assume that they will be forgiven for the way they treat other family members (especially when they make no effort to rectify the situation)
  8. Family should not assume that these things don't slowly eat at family members and make it really hard to forgive.
  9. Family should not ignor certain family members and then expect to still remain in good standing with those who love them.
  10. Family should not piss off the pregnant granddaughter who has no problem airing all the family's "issues" in the local newspaper!!

There, I feel better today. That should hold me off for a week or so.
I love my family dearly, but some of them are really on my bad side right now and it may take and act of congress to rectify the situation.

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