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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If you're gonna lie about it...

Quick background on this matter:

Daddy Dearest sleeps during the day & works at night. If you come around our apartment making an ungodly amount of noise during the day, you're likely to irritate him. However, he tries to play nice with others.

So, a little over a week ago, Daddy Dearest is trying to sleep and a fellow resident of this "fabulous resort spa" starts pounding on the neighbor's door. *bang bang bang* She got no answer. Logically, she repeated the action just moments later. *bang bang bang* Still no response. Instead of returning at a later time to reach the neighbor, she continues to repeat this extremely loud process. *bang bang bang* For FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT!!!

Now fully awake and aware of everything, Daddy Dearest gets out of bed and gets dressed. Meanwhile, fellow resident is continuing to bang on the neighbor's door. Finally "presentable", Daddy Dearest steps out the front door and says to the woman (who has her 3-year-old daughter with her) "If she didn't answer after the first couple of times, she probably isn't going to answer her door. Why not just come back a little later?"

At this point the woman turns around marching back to her apartment, screaming at him, "She's sleeping you F*CKING A$$HOLE!!!"

Daddy is immediately in shock that she reacted this way (especially with her daughter right there) and as she is now right in front of our apartment he raises his voice and says, "You just need to f*cking go home!"

At this point I called him back into the house because I know this woman isn't going to stop, and there's no need for things to get out of hand with a three-year-old present (though I'm sure the girl has seen & heard worse at home). Daddy comes inside and says "I know I shouldn't have yelled, but she just caught me so off guard by talking like that around her daughter."

I agreed and Daddy called the Housing Director to make a complaint about the woman's reaction. Later that night, the HD calls to tell us that the lady had a witness (I looked outside when it happened, her witness was either the three-year-old or the tree!) who says Daddy got nasty with her first and can't we all just get along.

Daddy agrees to just drop it and life goes on as it did before.


I get an email from the Housing Director stating that "someone" came in and complained yesterday that Daddy yelled at them when they were knocking on a friends door and I should talk to him. I immediately called her and told her I was home all day yesterday and it never happened. She wasn't sure what day the event "allegedy happened" so I said, "No problem, I'll talk to him."

Meanwhile, my co-worker (who is waiting for me to finish so we can go shopping) is reading the email over my shoulder. When I get off the phone she says, "Hey prego! Look at the alleged time (1:00 pm)! You've been home EVERY DAY for the past week and a half! Wouldn't you know if it happened or not?"

Well DUH!! Forgot I went home early Monday & last week was Spring Break! Yeah, I was home! Well, I'll ask him anyway because he didn't go with me Monday, but he was awake when I left at noon so I can't imagine any noise bothering him.

On our way to our "shopping spree" (yes, be jealous that they PAY me to go to Wal-Mart and Target!) we swing by the apartment & I ask Daddy if it happened. He says he hasn't even talked to anyone around there. One more stop to tell the Housing Director what I found out and that I can vouch for all but 20 minutes of the past week. She says okay and not to worry about it.

Anyway, the moral of the story is...
If you're going to try and get even by making up some stupid lie... you might want to make sure that the pregnant lady wasn't stuck at home due to doctor's appointments and 24-hours of peeing in a bright orange jar!!

I'm still waiting for a response as to how we would have handled it if she'd have dared to make a "formal" complaint of the matter. I'm slightly ticked off over it because normally I'd have been at work and had no way of defending him on the matter.



Randomness said...

What a bitch hole. I told you how I would have handled it before. Run out, push her off the sidewalk and say that he just went over to talk to her civilly but she began to fall backward and he tried to catch her but missed. Then pee on her door handle.

Anonymous said...

Well, had it been a story about bachelor #1 I would have jumped in to be a witness, that crazy asshole would yell at a damn monopoly game (well yea we were cheating but still)
However, I've never heard Daddy Dearest even raise his voice. What he went from a whisper to a normal level,,what... I wish I could live at your resort spa...love mom mie