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Friday, March 30, 2007

Missing Me?

Yeah, I know. I was gone all day yesterday! Guess where I was?


That's right. An afternoon nap turned into a 3 hour nap. I was semi-coherent for a few hours after Daddy Dearest got home from work and then my bed called my name and convinced me to join it until about 3 am. Knowing it was WAY too early to wake up, I had a snack & crawled back into the comfort of my blankies until it was time for work.

So there's the SCOOP! Hope you're satisfied!

So today, the boss let me off early. He was pretty sure he could handle the 2 boys we had last hour all by himself so he said, "Have a good weekend!" (Have I mentioned how I love my job most of the time?) I made a quick trip to ManHappiness to use a 50% off coupon I had for the Sears SmileSaver program. Figured with the little one on the way, $16.10 was a small price to pay for 2 years worth of NO SITTING FEES!!

Now, I've checked my mail and am about to wake Daddy up to go to work. After that, I'm planning on another NAP! While it might turn into several hours, I doubt it will become an all night sleep fest. So, if you're having terrible withdrawl symptoms just bear with me.

1) --- Housing Director emailed me today in regards to the "he said, she said" dispute. She assured me there was nothing to worry about. In the event it had been made more formal, she would have sat both parties down to hash it out. In the past, she's found that the dispute is usually dropped after both parties get together with her to talk.

2) --- Yesterday's doctor's appointment went 100% fine. Blood pressure normal, 24-test passed, blood test passed, no protein found. Baby had a strong 130 heartbeat, something about spikes in the 150's which seemed to please the dr. Measuring at 34 weeks (charts said 33 weeks 5 days) so we're right on track there. She said all my "complaints" were perfectly normal & would only get worse (I think that was supposed to make me feel better). When I commented about difficult breathing (yes, I knew it was normal) she took a look at my belly and said, "There is A LOT of baby in there!" She then chastized Daddy Dearest for being a 10.5 pound baby and asked him if his Mother had ever forgiven him. Next appointment is April 9th and we got a "GOLD STAR" (she is soooo funny) for being 100% NORMAL!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

try this again. I hope your Doctor was talking about Ellie and not the two of you. I have met you both and well you are not 100% normal. love all three of you little freaks. Mom mie

If she thinks you two are 100% normal please consider a new doctor.