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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Okay, so when you find everytime you look in the mirror you are slowly turning into a bigger and bigger version of a hippo, you eventually have to break down and do something to remind yourself that you can still make the boys turn their heads.

Tonight, that's exactly what I did.

I broke down, drug out the hot red dress, pulled my hair back and put on the brightest red lipstick I own.

Then, just to remind myself that I still clean up pretty nice, I pulled out the camera and flashed about 100 pictures. I recommend always taking 100 pictures because you're sure to get a few that you like.

So, a few layers of makeup, 100 camera flashes, and a few photo touch-ups later, I must say, "She's STILL got it!!"

Maybe it's a little self-indulging. Maybe I'm a little bit concieted. But frankly, when you've put on thirty pounds, several pant-sizes, and haven't seen your feet in months, you really don't care how self-absorbed you're being.

What does matter is that I'm still pretty. To hell with that! I'm still DAMN SEXY!! That's right! I said it! I'm ONE HOT MAMA!!

So take that and stick it in your "I pushed my baby out in 5 pushes" pipe and smoke it!! hehe... just kidding! I still envy any woman with an easy pregnancy and short labor.

So now that I've satisfied my own ego, I suppose I can give in and bring some sort of sick pleasure to you evil freaks out there who relish in seeing how big of a BLIMP I've become (you sick bastards!!)

So here you go. Some 33 week belly shots! Yes! I'm huge! It's 42-inches if you have to know! Yes! I know! You're loving it! Go ahead! Have your fun! Just remember, from the chest up I can still give your man whiplash! Haha! Not so funny now is it? Yeah! SHUT UP! See that large basketball protruding from me? Yeah! That'll teach you to enjoy my misery!

Hope you all enjoyed. And in case there's anyone out there who just take themselves WAY too seriously. I'm not out to steal anyone's man, but I will laugh if you have to slap him for checking out another chick! Just be nice to the FAT pregnant chicks... because underneath the layers of baby...



Anonymous said...

Damn Baby, You are sooooooo cute prego. I was never that cute prego. I looked like some beached whale that couldn't move to get her face painted on...loving this... Daddy dearest you are a lucky lucky man...Mom mie

Tink said...

I never could pull off red. But on you? Smokin'!