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Thursday, March 22, 2007

People are STUPID!!

Okay, so my mother just posted about a shooting in her area that made the news.

Check out her post HERE.

You can read the newspaper article HERE.
And another article about it HERE.

Basically, to sum it up, a 19-year-old girl heard an intruder outside her boyfriend's trailer. She got a gun & went to the door. The intruder ends up being someone she knows and he pushes his way into the house & will not leave when she threatens him. When he advances further, she shoots him at least twice & kills him.

The real kicker is when you read the comments that were left by readers.
I tried to sort them by subject so that I could address them in groups.

  • Why would she go to the door at 2 am. If she was scared enough to grab a gun why not call the police and just stay inside. Sounds fishy to me. (be)
  • . . . . so call the cops if he had been breaking in before . . . obviously you knew this was happening, so it was mentally planned, "if he does this again, I'll be ready" so that doesn't make it self-defense to me, it makes it premeditated . . . . (glts)
  • . . . . that is why you don't open your front door in the middle of the night. If I was scared to death, I would not even cracked the door. She intended to shoot him before she opened that door. (A)
  • . . . . she's so scared she needs a gun, but she opens the door? She knew who it was! . . . . (pg)
  • . . . . they said he pushed his way in but she was the one that had the door open to begin with. If she was not comfortable with David then why even open the door a little bit? . . . . (lm)
  • . . . . I hope the police look into this very good. There is a lot more to this than meets the eye . . . this is the guy that was at their house many times . . . He was there just the day prior . . . . (kir)

Okay, you think there's an intruder so you grab a gun. You find out that it's just some jerk you know trying to get into your house. You crack the door and tell him to leave but he pushes inside. He doesn't leave when you threaten him. SHOOT THE BASTARD!!

At no time was this girl obligated to go put the gun away just because she found out she knew who was at the door. The fact that she knew him does NOT give him the right to force his way into the house. The fact that she shot him before he could hurt her does NOT automatically put her in the wrong. In most cases where a woman is raped, beaten or killed, the attacker is someone SHE KNOWS!!

Even if she was able to get to phone and call the police to take care of the intruder, a lot can happen between the time she makes the phone call and the time the police actually get organized to enter the home. This man was obviously not phased by her pointing a loaded weapon at him! That in itself is enough of a threat for me to justify shooting him!

  • Did he have any kind of weapon? Last I knew you couldn't just shoot people for entering your house . . . . (be)
  • . . . . I'm not sure you can just shoot someone even if he enters your home . . . . (vvum)
  • If he didn't have a weapon and was not physically threatening her, I think she is in trouble. (w)

Who cares if the man had a weapon or not? As far as I am concerned HE was a weapon! The man spent 12 years in the state pen. He has five felony charges on his record. Two of those are for 3rd Degree Assault! He's been out of prison less than a year. That is enough for me to view the man as a threat and capable of committing violent acts.

  • I'd like to know where the boyfriend was during all this. (sf2m)

What does that have anything to do with it? He wasn't home. It doesn't matter if he was at work, at a friends, getting drunk, getting high, or screwing a hooker. She WAS home and she DEFENDED herself!

  • . . . . how can any of you say people deserve to die like that. Unless they hurt a child or kill someone. He's not perfect, far from it, but to die? No . . . . (sf2m)
  • . . . . no one deserves to be shot. I would rather call the police and let them handle the intruder then take a life . . . . (AR69)

Hate to burst the "life is precious" bubble, but frankly, some people DO deserve to die! Would it make a difference if there had been a child in the house? Would it matter if she had been a 17-year-old girl at her parent's house? Was she supposed to wait until after he had attacked her? Would you have waited until after he attacked you or your wife or your daughter? It's sad, but some people do deserve to die. You can say that you would have rather had the police handle him, but if you were standing face to face with someone who might hurt you, I doubt you would just lay down without a fight and just hope the cops rescued you.

  • . . . . were drugs involved? (ps)

I don't care if she was high as a kite. It doesn't matter if she was a junkie. It is irrelivant if they were selling drugs. This is a case of a man who pushed his way into a home and refused to leave when threatened with a weapon. Anything involving drugs is totally unrelated. Half of that town does drugs and a third of those people are in some pretty high positions. Being a "pot head" does not mean that you forfit your right to defend yourself from an intruder!!

  • I know who she is and she is full of it. He was probably already in the house and she shot him because he was all cracked out. Why did she have a gun? I know it wasn't hers. (gwts)
  • Did the girl have a handgun permit? If not she could be in a lot of trouble. (sf2m)
  • A few questions, was the gun legal, or was it even her gun? Why does a 19-year-old have a gun? Why does she know where a gun is in her boyfriend's home? (ps)

A rifle does not require a permit. Any teenager can own a rifle or shotgun. Why wouldn't she know that her boyfriend had a rifle? Are rifles a big secret these days? If she's staying alone in his home, you can probably assume that she knows things a lot more intimate about him than the fact that he has a rifle.

There, I think I've addressed all the ridiculous comments that were left.

I was simply stunned by the stupidity of people and the war that was being waged between people who claim to have known both parties. Out of 159 comments left, only a handful were anything more than rumor, speculation, or accusation. I've simply concluded that people are STUPID and have no lives!! I of course had to read through all of the comments just to remind me of how glad I am that I no longer live in that area.

The gene pool could really use a life guard!!

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Anonymous said...

ok get, now i'm pre occupied with this case. I log in just to read talk back. What cheap entertainment this is. Sorry some sorry ass dude died but it's keeping me amused. Mom Mie