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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Analyze this!

Okay, so anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I am a BOOK JUNKIE!!

That is not to say that I read a lot of books. No, I just collect them so that people who visit my house THINK I read a lot of books. Thus the title "Book Junkie" as opposed to "Reading Junkie".
There are many parts to this addiction of mine. This first part is that "inner idealist" who aspires to have someday read all of the books. A second part cannot bear to get rid of literature I have not yet gotten around to reading myself. A third part is overly impressed by the vast amount of knowledge (both factual and fictional) that is readily available to my fingertips. Still a fourth part is simple too selfish to part with a collection that I have worked hard to collect. Add into this mix the simple fact that I'm a packrat (it's genetically drilled into my brain) and you get a never ending (and ever growing) accumulation of literature.

Inside my small one bedroom apartment you will find a bookshelf full of Stephen King, another rack of various novels and resource books, a corner cabinet of New Age material, a few books stranded on my desk, and a box of romance novels in my bedroom (this is most baffeling to me as I have not read a romance novel since I was 16).

As I have recently come to terms with my ADDICTION, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what my books say about me. How much information can you obtain about a person by simply observing their personal library? I was shocked to learn quite a lot about myself.

Below is a list of books you can find in my livingroom (I have excluded the romance novels). Books I have actually read (cover to cover) are in bold, while books I have started to read (or read parts of) are in italics. And here is what I've learned about myself from my books. Let me know if you discover any other inciteful information from this list:

  1. I love old books. Really old books: An 1886 Medical Dictionary

  2. I'm fascinated with my Celtic heritage: The Celtic Tree Oracle; Touch of the Irish; Celtic Magic

  3. I find dreams very interesting: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols; From Dreams to Discovery; Dream Interpretations for Beginners; Oracle of the Dreamtime

  4. I don't do organized religion: Wicca: A Guide to the Solitary Practitioner; Llewellyn's 2000 Magical Almanac; 1999 Witch's Almanac; 2000 Witch's Almanac; Wicca 2000;
    Magical Charms from A to Z; The Complete Book of Magic & Witchcraft; How to Uncover Your Past Lives;
    Goddess in My Pocket; Pocket Guide to Wicca; The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling; Dictionary of Mythology

  5. I'm a hopeless romantic: I Hope You Dance; Sonnets of Love & Friendship

  6. I want to have a yard (and a garden) someday: Natural Landscaping; Introductory Horticulture

  7. I don't have a long enough attention span to read a 1000+ page novel (seriously, I've gotten halfway through this book about 4 times, so I figure that's similar to having read it twice!): The Witching Hour

  8. I love poetry: Treehouse; Covenants; Platte Valley Homestead; Things Taking Shape

  9. I'm fascinated by the supernatural: Strange Tales; In Defense of Ghosts

  10. A book substitutes as 2 hours of inservice for my job: For the Love of Ann; When Rabbit Howls; Yesterday's Child; Leslie; Somewhere a Child Is Crying

  11. I enjoy astronomy: Planets; Universe

  12. Altering books is fun: The New Book of Knowledge A1; Tim McGraw & the Dancehouse Doctors

  13. I can't part with books (even if I have no intention of reading them): When the Wind Blows; Backroads; The Door to December; The Servants of Twilight; Vampires; The Bear & the Dragon

  14. I love a good laugh: I Didn't Plan To Be a Witch

  15. I really can finish a book (but then I don't want to part with it): The Passion;
    The Amittyville Horror (2 copies)

  16. I'm a sucker for a classic: Gone With the Wind

  17. College books are too expensive to get rid of: Literature

  18. My boss shouldn't ask me to write AR tests for books I have no interest in: The Heritage of Shannara; The Teeth of the Tiger

  19. I am terrible about returning my library books (these are only a few months overdue, my last set was 2 years past due. Thankfully, no late fees!): Black & Blue; The Saint of Dragons; Spellfall; Freaky Green Eyes

  20. I have an excellent memory (borrowed this from a co-worker 2 years ago): Portrait of a Serial Killer

  21. I should really brush up on my history: World History: Connections to Today

  22. I love arts & crafts: Papercrafts & Origami; Art Deco

  23. I taught myself to play the guitar (kind of): 2 Guitar Books

  24. I'm pregnant with my first child: What To Expect When You're Expecting; The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

  25. I like easy excercise & hate medicine: Yoga, Tai Chi, Massage Therapies & Healing Remedies

  26. I want our baby to be smart: My Book House Collection 1-12

  27. I love Stephen King books: Different Seasons; Four Past Midnight; The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon; Skeleton Crew; Night Shift; Talisman; Rose Madder; Dolores Claiborne; Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

  28. But I'm not too fond of reading Stephen King books: Firestarter; The Dead Zone; The Dark Half; Thinner; Bag of Bones; Insomnia; IT; Dark Tower: The Gunslinger; Dark Tower III: The Wastelands; Dark Tower IV: The Wizard & the Glass

  29. And this is my favorite... I'm rather strange (these are the only three books on the computer desk): The Instant Tarot Reader; The Holy Bible; and The Complete Bartender

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