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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Amazing Chameleon Clothes

Okay... YES! I LIED!! I'm a LIAR!! LIARS go to HELL!! Guess I'll see you all there!

I know I said I'd tell you all about my chameleon clothes as soon as I finished digesting my fried chicken. However, something came up. I have no idea what exactly came up. I just know it did. But thankfully, I left myself this reminder so that I could come back and tell you all about my chameleon clothes!

Late last week, I dressed in a very nice set of sweatshirts and headed off to work. after about an hour at work, I found myself staring in a puzzled manner at my sweatshirt. Noticing my puzzled look, my co-workers asked me if I was okay. I informed them that everything was fine, except that when I put this shirt on that morning. It was dark GREEN!!

My co-worker stares at my shirt (which is very obviously chocolate brown) and simply said, "Um, no dear. It WASN'T!"

The brown still looked nice over the top of the olive green shirt I was wearing, but the point was that too me, it was GREEN that morning!!

As both of my co-workers stared at me in that "baby-has-sucked-her-last-brain-cell" look, I admitted that I had gotten dressed in the dark that morning to keep from waking Daddy dearest up. Of course this created a chorus of laughter from them and the suggestion that next time, I turn on the light.

So yesterday, having dressed with the assistance of a light, I discovered that I wasn't entirely crazy. I did in fact own two GREEN sweatshirts which I had intended to wear together the previous week. Now, being able to see them, I decided to wear them on this particular day! Upon arriving to work I proudly confessed that I had found the other GREEN shirt. Which brought forth a chuckle and comments of "Guess you turned on the light today!"

Later that day, my two co-workers realized that they had both dressed in coordinating black and tan outfits. They immediately turned to me (in my GREEN shirts and blue jeans) and jokingly asked where I had been when the phone call went out that morning. I tried to convince them that I had a hangover that morning and refused to answer the phone. While they were amused, my current physical state casted a shadow of doubt on that alabi.

I immediately stood up shocked and stared at my clothes. "What are you talking about? This morning when I got dressed I thought this WAS black and tan!!!"

Now that, they believed!

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Katya said...

That's funny! I put on my new preggo pants this morning and didn't realize until I got to work that black doesn't really go with cheap camo print! :)

Found you through Rockstar Mommy.